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About us

La Barbalon is a creative barber salon rooted near downtown Vacaville, California. 

Our stylists specialize in all hair types for cutting, color services, hair extensions, styling, and more.  We are also a full barber shop  providing all clipper and razor services.




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"Let's face it ladies, sooner or later there's gonna come a time when you have to decide whether to go cold turkey and let nature take its course..."

"I've been going to Rachelle for a number of years now and she has come up with some creative ways to manage my stubborn grays.  She's even saved my hair before from a really bad perm!  I'm very happy with her services."

- Lisa B.

Book An Appointment

Serving by appointment only. 

Contact one of our trusty barbers or stylists today for a free consultation tailored to your specific needs, and to make an appointment same day or up to a month in advance.

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